Elliott's Color Box Media, LLC is an advertising & marketing firm in Pocatello, Idaho providing TV productions, viral videos, radio ads, websites, print design, article copy & press releases, marketing plans and more.

Some frequently asked questions:

They are very happy people who make lots and lots of money and appreciate respect for their confidentiality. We do show a few examples of our Web work on this website.

Yes! Call (208) 530 • 8846 or email me and we'll discuss your specific project and I'll email you links with samples.

Yes! But only private contractors.

All areas listed above! I reward for quality, creativity, hard work and I pay fast.

Email or call and leave a message. FYI - I won't answer if I don't recognize your number, but I will listen to your message the same day.

Treat people fairly and with respect, work really hard and get results.